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About the Fall Mountain Food Shelf

Our Mission

To reduce hunger and malnutrition in the Fall Mountain Region of New Hampshire and Vermont, thereby diminishing consequent negative health and social effects on the families and communities we serve. 


Who We Serve

The services of the Food Shelf are available to all Sullivan and Cheshire County residents as well as those from surrounding counties and towns. New clients are often referred to the program from doctors, hospitals, social service agencies, churches, family, friends, and neighbors. While we love hearing that someone recommended us, referrals are absolutely not required — anyone who comes to the food shelf will receive a box of food. No one is turned away and there is never a charge for any of our services. 

About 600 people visit the food shelf every month for help with food and personal hygiene products for themselves and their families. With an average 3.8 members per family, these visits add up to over 27,000 times each year that a member of our community was helped by our food shelf. If you or your family are in need, we look forward to serving you. 

Where We Get Our Food 
We are almost entirely supported by local people, churches, businesses, and organizations, and we have never run out of food or money to buy food.

  • Direct purchases of food supplies are procured with cash donations made annually by a number of public and private foundations such as the NH Charitable Trust and local individuals and families. We purchase food through a number of resources such as the NH Food Bank, The Discount Food Warehouse, Mr. G’s of Walpole, Keene's Wal-Mart, Ralph’s Grocery of Charlestown, and Cheeseco of New England. 

  • Every week Willing Hands delivers milk and produce and we pick up donated food from the Keene Community Kitchen. 

  • Additional donations of food are received from Bouyea-Fasetts Bakers and Shaw’s in Walpole, as well as local gardeners, farmers and others. 

  • Twice a week Panera Bread of Keene donates bread for use in our Friendly Meals Program. 

  • We also receive bi-monthly distributions of government surplus food from the USDA. These USDA donations are loaded, delivered, and unloaded by our amazing supporters from Cold River Materials, who rent a box truck out of their own pockets especially for this delivery every other month. 

  • Local church groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, and schools occasionally conduct food collection drives to benefit the food shelf. 


Nourishing Our Community 

 The quality of life, the health of our clients, and the social impact on our communities is directly enhanced because our young students go to school properly nourished, because our aged poor have access to essential food and staples, and because the displaced and out of work or low income parent can provide the means to nurture their families with shared meals. The social interaction of our clients with our staff also provides an opportunity to check on their well being, providing us the ability to refer our clients to other social services in the area.

Powered by Volunteers 

We have no paid staff. The vast majority of funds donated are used to purchase food and personal care items. A small portion of donated funds go to paying our lease of 4800 square feet of the Langdon Municipal Building, as well as paying for all utilities. 


Thanksgiving at the Food Shelf 

Each year the food shelf gives out boxes of food for a complete Thanksgiving meal. Pick up is usually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and is graciously hosted by Cold River Materials on Brewery Road in Walpole. Community members can sign up to receive a box at the foodshelf the month before. 


Fall Mountain Friendly Meals (Meals on Wheels)

The Fall Mountain Friendly Meals Program was formed in 1987 by Mary Lou Huffling and Janice Miles in response to a need to provide meals to local residents who are elderly, homebound, chronically ill, or just in need of the companionship of others along with a good hot meal. Mary Lou Huffling remains the Director of the program.
Every Tuesday and Thursday we deliver Meals on Wheels to the homes of approximately 245 people in the surrounding Fall Mountain communities. Volunteers cook the meals, package them for home delivery, clean up, and deliver the meals.
The program is all-volunteer with no administration costs, and, as the only meals program in the local area, serves six rural towns. The program is supported entirely by local financial donations, and there is no charge to the recipients for the meals.
Recipients enjoy a nutritious, full-course, home-cooked meal made with love, which provides food for the body and food for the spirit. Home visits from our volunteers provide companionship and allow us the opportunity to check on the welfare of our recipients, many are elderly and live alone. Home visits also provide us an opportunity
to make recommendations for further assistance from other social services or health care providers. 

If you’re interested in receiving Friendly Meals delivery, please call Marylou at (603)835-2283 to see if we are able to serve your area. 

Tax Information

Fall Mountain Friendly Meals is a non-profit public charity under IRS code 501(c)3 consisting of Fall Mountain Food Shelf, Friendly Meals, and Meals on Wheels. As such, donations are tax deductible.

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