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You can make your tax deductible donation to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf by clicking on the Donate button above!                                                       


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                                                                  Fall Mountain Food Shelf

                                                                  PO Box 191

                                                                  122 NH Rte 12A

                                                                  Langdon, NH 03602

                                                                  Attn: Mary Lou Huffling

   Thank you and welcome to the community of people helping other people through a hand up during their difficult time.

Location needed for local Alstead Thrift Shop

Fall Mountain Friendly Meals’ Thrift Shop (Helen’s Haven) located at the Alstead Transfer Station has been permanently closed because the town would like to use the building for other purposes. We’re searching for a place to relocate the Friendly Meals’ Thrift Shop (Helen’s Haven). 

People are calling and coming by all the time inquiring about it. People have good clothing to drop off that they wish to donate locally to help people here. People needing clothes have been coming by and calling. Many people are affected by recent financial burdens. A lot of them need clothing for their children and themselves.

Donations received for the clothing all goes to the Friendly Meals.

If anybody knows of a place that might be available and would be a good location for our local thrift shop please let us know. 
We’ve had the thrift shop here in Alstead for over 20 years. It’s been is a win-win for everybody.


Please call Mary Lou Huffling (603) 835-2283 with any ideas.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10-4 please call her at (603) 835-2006.

Thank you for your caring all these years.

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